Sustainability Goals

Want a Green Read?

Explore World Repository.

Sustainability Goals

Want a Green Read?

Explore World Repository.

Welcome to Matawi Domestic Carbon Credit

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment through our global marketplace for eco-environment supplies. Our mission is to support Climate Action initiatives in households and cities by increasing the availability of greener spaces. We also provide Tree Adoption Services for organizations that share our commitment to climate action. By revolutionizing tree nurseries, we ensure that they can meet the demands of the market and contribute to climate mitigation efforts. Together, we can create a brighter and more sustainable future.

” Climate Sustainability Goals”

Green transformation in fullfillment to climate Action. 

Biggest nature Promise


Our Products are available on installments buying, renting, hire and we also rescue potted plants to help you continue growing plants by replacing your old plant with a thriving plants within our carbon credit program. 

Grow Indigenous Trees

Climate change is a pressing global issue and one way to alleviate its impacts is through the growth of indigenous trees. Trees for conservation initiatives contribute to taking tangible action in the fight against climate change. Growing indigenous trees helps protect, restore, and expand habitats while optimizing carbon sequestration efforts and other environmental benefits.


Real-life backed solutions for greening our living spaces while enabling everyone to participate into Climate Action.

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Ordering your green product made easier with quick deliveries, warranted products, exchange program and a guide to effectively grow your plant. 

Domestic Carbon Credit for urban indoor spaces


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we have  Indigenous & Assorted Exotic Trees Ready for Sale.

We Recommend: Fiddle Fig Tree, Dracaena, Dwarf Bamboo, Snake Plant, Shefflera Among Others

Yes, Landscape design, Maintenance, Gardening, Indoor green space design, Plants treatment ,Transferring Plants & Tree Adoption.

Located at Ngong – Road at SAMSCAPE’s SOLUTIONS

Yes, Delivery is Available we pay 15% of the cost to deliver to your location.

Tree adoption is taking care of trees planted through initiatives by Government, Organizations and Corporates. We develop the trees to make sure there’s 100% Growth on at least 75% of Trees Planted.

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